Our offer

Marketing consultancy

We carry out analyses of customer's previous marketing actions. We advise on company's planned strategies – to this end, we carry out communication auditing, cost estimates control, and legal consultations.

Training courses

We design internal and external training courses and training projects. We provide training in direct sales, customer service, advertising issues and in broadly understood marketing.

Training courses may be arranged in any place of the country; translation services are also available. At customer's request, we may work out a training in subjects outside our main activities.

Marketing outsourcing

Our customers who do not have a marketing unit may use our services as one. We offer complex marketing services in cooperation with other companies.

Working out strategies (of a company, product, promotion)

A detailed and comprehensive advertising strategy which we can do may bring our customers savings, both of time and expenditure. On the basis of prior analyses and marketing research we select optimal advertising actions.

Target group research

Preparation of an advertisement strategy is preceded by detailed analysis of a target group. Within traditional marketing research, we work out reports with information about the group such as its media consumption, its demographic, psychographic, and sectoral distribution etc.

Apart from traditional researching, we offer also non-standard ones (advertisements pre-testing, individual interviews, focus research etc.).

Media analysis

We serve you with our rich experience in this area. We offer professional media research that can help our customers choose the optimal advertising solutions.

Public Relations

We work out PR strategies, both as a supplement of the basic form of promotion and as a separate strategies of creating a company's image. We can take care of both internal and external PR, and – if the customer requires so – crisis procedures. We offer also training courses on media work.

Website designing, e-marketing, e-commerce

We design functional, aesthetically pleasing and remarkable websites, product information pages, content management systems, e-stores, all of them fulfilling even high expectations.

Rich graphics, animations, and sounds provoke visitors to interact with the website. Unconventional solutions make visitors learn about product's features and gain information needed for making decision about the purchase.

Creation and production of advertisements

We offer an extensive array of advertisements in the mass media and in non-standard media. We create advertisements of various nature (outdoor & indoor). We take care also on cost-effective and timely production of advertisements.

Visual Identification Systems (VIS)

A visual identification system has a great impact on increase of real recognizability of a brand or product. A right choice of such components as logo, name, colour or font in company's materials make a product more visible and distinguishing among other ones on the market. We offer professional assistance in creating your own unique VIS.

Drafting documents

Apart from consulting and training, we also draft various documents such as corporate plans, marketing and promotion plans, grant applications (also for EU funds) and analyses, as well as non-standard (tailor-made) documents.

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